My spreadable Media stuff 3

For the third artifact, I have no idea to make it. I have watched other classmates shared their artifact, I think I can not doing like them have a talk show behind the screen, talked some articles, because I can not speak english fluency and quickly like a native. I decided to share a video from my Youku space, these video was taken by a cellphone which was very popular around 2006( there is no iphone at that time), and only have 100 megapixles the quality was not good. These video to me are very memorable which is filled with happy memories when I was in high school.

I pick a most frequently viewed video, this video was recorded by me and it is a test about put some Mentos into a bottle of coca cola, it may make a fountain. In this video, you  can see we are in the school’s toilet and do the action, when we at school we should wear school’s uniform all day, so you can see we have same clothes. And I found a interesting thing that two guys showing on the screen and some others voice out of screen you can heard and I(recorder), we are all went to UK for our master degree when we finished our undergraduate study from difference university. it’s amazing!

Now watch the video, it uploaded on Youku, so may connect a little slow. Click link below:

I think I can not attach the video on the blog from Youku, it not provide any code.

After watching, let me show you some video’s information. You can see the website is like this










The word on the upper left corner is the title of the video which means Put Mentos into a cola.

On the bottom, the red hand is like this video, i got 6. And blue hand is dislike, 3 for me. On the right of this, it is forwarding to some other website, in other word it is share. The following icon is Youku space, QQ zone, Sina blog and Tencent mircoblog. On the right, you can see this video was viewed 2016 times. On the right hand side, it is other related video, you can find other video uploaded by me or other video have same titles.









This part is video informations.  健叔a is my account’s name, under that it showed published 3 years  ago. And the green bar is follow this user. There should have some description of this video but I was not write for this video. On the bottom is hashtag, I give it a #High school’s life.











This part is comments. Unfortunately, I just got tow comments over 3 years. First said:” drink a coke in the toilet?” and second said:” Why he hold up an umbrella?”  that is all.

From this bloging you can see  Youku is very same as Youtube. My video seem not very interesting for others, it only have viewed 2016 times over 3 years. But it important to me, I uploaded these video do not want to let more people know me, just want to share to guys who has same memory.



My spreadable Media stuff 2

It is a song again! This song was one of our assessment recording with the band, the name of the band is Still Down Gill. This band made up by 3 people, one guitar, one kahon, and one double bass. It is the first time heard about a instrument named “kahon”, it look like a loudspeaker with a wooden body, slapping on it by hands, the sound like kick drums. It looks very strange and can not imaging that can make sounds like a drum, also dose he feels hurt when he kick it?

We set up 8 microphones in a studio, one for double bass, two for kahon(because there are difference sound heard from front and back), two for guitar, two for vocal and one for sound field record stand in the middle. Perfect equipment with perfect actors, the sound are really really perfect. This is one of songs that we recorded in the studio. enjoy it!

I uploaded this song onto Soundcloud too. StillDownGill Recording click to listen.

Also I shared this with Facebook and twitter










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My spreadable Media stuff

This is my first artifact, I will bring you something from China, a Chinese song! This song definitely come from China, not only all the words are Chinese, but also it was recorded by my friend who was stay in China. I asked him for help me recording a song, because he is a talent singer and have a good voice. But he treats this job was totally non-responsible, he just use his laptop play a song lyric replacement music and recording by a built-in microphone. So the sound quality like  rubbish, however, you can also heard his voice is good. I have complained to him about the sound quality, but he said:”I use professional software done that!”  Adobe Audition CS 5  I know that, I got CS 6 on my laptop, who care!!!

You may not understand Chinese songs, but just feeling and imaging. The name of song is “what I miss”(Has been translated into English)

I uploaded this music clip on the Soundcloud, and also shared link on twitter and facebook.



I also tried to share this on the sina weibo, but I forgot my password and hard to change it, because it need my phone number in China, and I can not use this number in UK.

Of course I shared this music on wordpress, here is the link

and here is the music


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Spreadable Media stuff

Some of spreadable media that Helen shows us on the session was very interesting. The most impression for me is a news event about police spray and many different version made by netizens. It was shocked me that how the netizens has a rich imagination.

Recently, I found a interesting thing on the internet. It is also based on a news event and lead to a a lots of people to copy that pose. News reported the fighters on the China first aircraft carrier with a smooth take off and landing. And the commander ordered to take off signs was “HOT”. Just like this…

Chinese netizen jokingly referred to as “Zou Ni” which means “GO”, it became hottest after Gangnam Style. Netizens upload various pictures of this pose. I marvel at Chinese netizens imitation. Actually Chinese netizens have done a lot of things like that. Chinese people was good at find something fun. Let us see what they are doing.










That is  what people doing…








What hell the fire fighters doing????










Toy also can do that…











Tiger also want to do!


In fact, this pose itself was no problems, but someone found it on a news event and combine with other elements. That is why it could be “HOT”

I want to do something like that. Find something interesting and remix that, or maybe it was not funny at all, I will try to make it fun. just like ┏ (゜ω゜)=☞

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YouTube is amazing

YouTube is a video site, but it seems to me it’s amazing.

When I was in China, YouTube is a limited website because the Chinese Government cannot control and manage content on YouTube. China is not a 100% national freedom of speech, so the YouTube cannot be normal running. However, there are still a lot of people know and like YouTube, most of them are young people. They use over the wall software or website proxy soft landing YouTube. YouTube has a strong appeal, because we can get a lot of new and interesting information. It is a good choice for both entertainment and the learning but due to limited transmission speed is slower.

After I came to the UK, I can use YouTube more frequently because they no longer restricted. I was pleasantly surprised more videos, even many Chinese traditional programs without English subtitles. I began to realize that there must be a lot of Chinese people in the use of this site. People to upload video not only limited English, the target audience is not necessarily an English speaker. According to the October report, Chinese are the most YouTube accounts.

In a country were banned, there are still so many people use. On the one hand, many domestic Chinese use with a variety of methods. On the other hand, this also explains a lot of Chinese people overseas around the world. Whatever, we like YouTube.

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Recalling this first half semester courses. I would like to say that this is great for me. It makes me understand these seemingly familiar things again. I’ve never written a blog, I think it’s very simple, but through the course of the study, I found that it is not at all simple. I will not speak my language skills, although my language ability is not good, lots of things the first time I have experienced difficulty doing, such as in the add pictures and video to the post, modify the blog theme, and so on. I realized that these things are far from as simple as I thought.

For this class of contributions, I feel that I have written is not much impact. I can understand too little, and I had only a very basic understanding of social technology, so I can say even less. For my highlights, I don’t know what would be the highlight. I think that YouTube had a great influence on me, I see a lot of things are not seen in China before, that I understand more clearly to people on video entertainment, in China is not the same. I like the YouTube, it has more users of original and interesting videos, and in China I see more TV drama on the video site.

Says not interested in, all I can say is to write a blog? I mean blogging is a bit difficult for me. Because I was based on Chinese thought, and then I would like to translate to English, and then write it down. It cost me a lot of effort to complete. But it is not bad, which is helpful for me to improve my English level, of course, is also useful for me to study this course.

My aim at learned a lot of knowledge, and pass this course. I think I would also like to improve my English level, because this knowledge is very easy to understand for me, if I can better speak with English communicate with one another, I think I’ll learn more.

Finally, Thanks Helen. You tech me a lot. And thanks Nabeel. You help me a lot.


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Spreadable Media

This Friday we had a guest speaker,Huge Garry, came to talk to us about spreadable media. But I were not attended because some personal reasons. When I saw my classmate’s blog which write about Firday’s lecture, even though I can not really understand what they said, but I realized that I was missed something important. I was tried to search on the google about what is spreadable media, but only a few things and it is not look like same as my classmate’s blog’s said.


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Youtube culture

Youtube is a video sharing website where user can upload, view and share video clips for free. Just like Youku and Tudou in China. Do you find that how close the name between Youtube and Youku. And if you combined the name of Youku and Tudou, it approach to youtube. I always wondered is these two website was the fake Youtube???


Youtube made it possible for anyone who could use a computer to post a video that millions of people could watch within a minute. The wide range of topics covered by Youtube has turned video sharing into one of the most important parts of internet culture.Though Youtube is so widely used, it also has been criticized frequently for the copyright of the video clips. Now, Youtube has introduced a system that checks uploaded videos against a database of known copyrighted content as a means of reducing violations.

Youtube represents the new internet culture. It not only entertains you but also tells you something. And I believe this is another wayto record the moments which we want to cherish for thereat of our life.

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Everything is a remix

This week, @Helen shows us a funny video named Everything is a remix. We only watched first part of this video on the lecture, so I was not really understand the meaning of this video, in my mind it just talk about remixing music. But when I get home and watch it again, I think I was totally wrong. It is not about remix musics, and when I have been watched all of this series video I found that was absolutely fantastic. It telling you  how everything  people have created was copy form other things. Not only music and films could copy form somethings, but also some inventions. So everything was created by only three ways, “copy”, “transfer”, “combine”. That is why this series of video was called “Everything is a remix”. You can watch this video at following link:

Part 1 of this series telling about some music creation.

Part 2 was showed how films copy from others.

Part 3 was talked some inventions.

Part 4 I am not watch it yet.


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Week two – Networking

This is second week in the university. We were learn more about social technologies. On this lesson we learn how to use diigo, it is looks like a bookmark manager. And it can check every bookmarks you added everywhere when you log on your diigo account. That is very simple and useful.

And we are learn more about networking.  In our country, China. There are several popular Social Network Sites such as Qzone, RenRen and Weibo. According to the latest survey, the amount of weibo users has reached 200 million, and this number is still increasing at incredible speed. Apparently, Social Network Site plays an important role in people’s life today. In my opinion, two aspects of advantages has contributed to the popularity. Firstly, we stay in touch with our friends in a straight forward way and enlarge the scope of our social intercourse. Moreover, we could search the internet to find the friends that we haven’t seen for ages. Secondarily, the news could spread on the Social Network Site in a more efficient way because of the friendship which means your friends are prone to accept the information, thus giving an opportunity to advertizing companies.

However, everything has two sides, so does Social Network Site. Among all the negative factors, problem of security has caused people’s trepidation. Besides, more and more employees spend much time browsing these websites. Furthermore, we can’t improve our interpersonal skill in the real life through the activities online. As a result, a group of people insist that disadvantages of Social Network Site overweight the advantages. Actually, problems do exist, but we should not refuse to do what we should for fear of running a risk. In order to settle these problems, we could make laws to secure regulation of the websites. In addition, we must strengthen the consciousness of protecting ourselves. I’m sure Social Network Site will serve our life better in the future.

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